Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Golden Cilantro: Cambay Grand hosts a Mughlai Food Festival

Cuisines: Mughlai

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51 BIRYANIS! 51 KEBABS! That even Google can't find, is up grabs as GOLDEN CILANTRO at the Cambay Grand hosts DAWAT-E-ISHQ - A Mughlai Food Festival; bringing forth a cuisine from the shadows of an aristocratic Mughlai era, dressed and served with grandiose.

Enticing smell of succulent Kebabs and a rich aroma of steaming hot Biryanis? If that sounds like a perfect treat for you, then that is all the reason you need to make your way to the food festival. If that is not enough then, you will be served the flavours of Mughal by a celebrity chef, straight from the National Geographic Food Channel.

Your friends and family, have to head down for a tempting tour to the world of aromatic flavours; From AFGHANI DILLI KEBABS to KAKORI VEG KEBABS, NOORANI MASALA BIRYANI to RAJASTHANI GATTA BIRYANI, the flavours are bound to create a tingling in your taste buds with well chosen exotic spices and ingredients.

Add onto that Live 'GHAZALS', and it simply makes for a perfect treat. If you wish to experience these delights, you now where to be at. Cheers.

The spread is laid out till 3rd June, between 7 pm to 12 midnight, at Cambay Grand, near PERD Centre, Sola Over-bridge, Ahmedabad.

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