Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Pumped up for the Pretty Nights- Navratri Celebrations

Being all dipped in the Navratri Spirits Neesa Group’s brand ‘Cambay Group of Hotels’ is gearing up to match the enthusiasm and expectations of the guests. With Navratri having its own charm for all the nine days, Cambay Group pulls the cart of its services ahead to delight its guests further.

The festival isn’t limited just to the tradition of small group garba any more; people these days prefer pretty hype places which offer them more facilities and services than what they would get at home. Keeping in mind the expectations of the people, Neesa Group’s brand Cambay Group is all set for taking care of the guests even better. From Mid Night Buffet to Special Navratri thali for people who are onto fasting, Cambay Group has covered it all. The season of festivals is just knocking the door with Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas  etc  and Neesa Group’s brand ‘Cambay Group of Hotels’ is gearing up to match the expectations and festive spirits of the guests . Each festival has a unique aura attached to it and Cambay group of hotels plans to serve with the uniqueness associated with each occasion.

India is a country well known for its diversity, so the services to be offered should be well planned and the guests should be well read. As it’s a country which is well known for its celebratory spirit , which needs the hospitality industry to be ever ready and creative to match or surpass the expectations of the guests. Neesa Groups brand ‘Cambay Group of Hotels’ is a home for experienced professionals who are always brain storming to make the experience of the guests a special and memorable one. With a diversified team, which is deep in the culture and current trend; Cambay Group of Hotels digs deep the concept of hospitality and serves luxury, comfort and grandeur in way that no one else does. 

With Hindu Godesses blessing all us with their wishes, other festivals like Diwali , Dussehra, Christmas and etc are already lined up and Cambay Group of hotels is in competition with itself to cross the its own standards of hospitality and serve an experience like never before. With the guests being more demanding and the hospitality industry being more competitive,cambay Group of Hotels strives hard to satisfy its guests hard. Cambay Group of hotels is continuously striving to leave each guest with a smile. Neesa Group’s brand ‘Cambay Group of Hotels’ plans to consider it all and be dipped in the spirits of festivals till the year ends.

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